Simon Shackleton
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Simplifying a Cluttered Life

At the tail end of last year I was skittering wildly like a doe on ice, raging against what I saw as the dying of the light. I was angry, bitter and overwhelmed by changes in my professional life and had no idea where to turn next. I felt overwhelmed, undervalued.... 

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Facebook ... the end is nigh for you & I.

I began using Facebook over 9 years ago now when they took over the reigns from MySpace as the go-to hub for online community-building and marketing.  They quickly began to feel like the mothership, a huge, vast, global sponge that absorbed everything in it's path. Aside from their lack of music player implementation, what appealed as a user was their sleek and easy-to-use interface and the under-one roof nature of their site.

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The Blind are leading the Blind

The music industry would be so much better if it wasn't an 'industry' at all - if it valued uniqueness over commerce, over seasonal treadmills, over haircuts & handshakes, backhanders & bores. It feels like the world of electronic music is stuck in a rut of it's own making, with franchises and corporate management draining any 'art' from the art. The blind leading the blind.

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